The Superheroes of the OCCRC

Batman of Orléans is the attraction in the community since the COVID-19 crisis started. Families are arranging a visit of the superhero for their young children that are unable to go to school or even outside. Instead of spreading COVID-19, Batman is spreading the joy and smiles from houses to houses in Orléans.

The saying is not all heroes wear capes and the OCCRC agrees. In time of crisis, each establishment has their own views of heroes depending on their needs. For the Centre, their superheroes are people in the community reaching out to see how they may help, their donors, community organizations, local businesses, volunteers and staff.

Another example of hero’s is this couple in their 80’s. They are long time donors of the OCCRC. They quickly reached out wanting to contribute during this difficult time. They did not know how to help the Centre because they could not expose themselves. Even if they are self-isolating to protect their health, the couple is going for daily walks in various neighbourhood and they decided to drop off Centre flyers requesting donations in people mailbox while they walk. They want to promote the services offered and encourage others to donate.

“I am very fortunate to be able to work in a supportive community like Orléans. The local community donors have been reaching out to see how they can contribute. All contributions made via our website goes a long way for the Centre. Local groceries stores are also making a significant contribution for our urgent needs. The staff and volunteers were ready to take on the challenge to completely modify the services at the food bank in 48 hours. A lot of logistics were involved in making this happen in a short period of time while respecting the Ottawa Public Health guidelines. For our Centre, each of these people are superheroes. Without them, we would not be able to continue serving our community.” Luc Ouellette, Executive Director of the Centre.