Coins That Care

The “Coins that Care” program involves local businesses hosting one of our Centre’s coin boxes prominently in their store in order to collect spare change donated by clients/customers. Thanks to our past and present participants, the “Coins that Care” coin boxes have raised over $5000 in the last five years. All this has gone directly towards providing food and support to those who need assistance in our community.

You are a business and are interested in hosting one of our Centre’s coin boxes:

We would be delighted if you would agree to place one of our “Coins That Care” coin boxes on your client service counter so that if your clientele so choose, they may donate their loose change to the OCCRC.  The only thing we ask is that the coin box be clearly visible to members of the public to encourage donations.  A volunteer representative from our Centre will come by your place of business to collect the money every month (or according to need) to collect the money. It is important to note, you will not be held responsible should the coins be lost or stolen.  If you are interested, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Carla Colonna anytime at 613-830-HELP (4357) ext. 209.

You are an individual interested in supporting our “Coins That Care” program:

Every dollar donated through this program is very much appreciated.

Here is a list of locations that are hosting one our “Coins That Care” coin boxes: