A United Community During Exceptional Times

Staffs and volunteers at the Orléans-Cumberland Community Resource Centre (OCCRC) continue to work to provide essential services to our community members. The OCCRC has now been operating with modified services for five days.

“It is extraordinary to see the support between colleagues and volunteers within the organization, but especially the support that the Centre receives throughout the community. It always warms my heart to see such generosity from the community.” Luc Ouellette, Executive Director of the Centre.

The Management team and board members are fortunate to have served 43 families, representing 147 of individuals who visited the food bank this week. Since the modified services have taken place, more than 80 volunteer hours have contributed to the creation of the baskets and service provided at the food bank.

“On behalf of all board members, I would like to thank the management team, staff, volunteers, and donors for their contribution during this crisis, by protecting themselves and the members of the community” – Andrée Métivier, Chair of the OCCRC Board of Directors.

It is difficult to predict the evolution and duration of COVID-19. However, the OCCRC is united and ready to tackle this crisis.