OCCRC Gift cards

OCCRC gift cards are a source of funding for the organization:

  • Can be redeemed at a number of popular retailers in Orléans and surrounding areas (grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, etc.)
  • The OCCRC gets from 2% to 15% of the value of the gift cards you purchase

How can I purchase gift cards through the OCCRC

  • Print the Order Form (see below) and fill it out
  • Hand in the form in person at the OCCRC or mail it to the OCCRC
  • You can also send the Electronic Order Form (see below) by email to the OCCRC: cmackay@crcoc.ca
  • Make your payment before the second Wednesday of the month (in cash, by cheque or by Debit/Credit Card- please not if using Debit or Credit there will be a 3% service fee applied to your order total)
  • The OCCRC orders the gift cards on the second Friday of each month
  1. Printable Order Form
  2. Downloadable Order Form

For more information: 613 830-4357, ext. 305, or cmackay@crcoc.ca.

Thank you so much for purchasing occrc gift cards!