Cancer Screening Resources Available in Multiple Languages

The Lowertown Community Resource Center is working with multiple partners to get people the tests they don’t yet know they need.

Throughout the pandemic, many health services had to pause parts of their work or adapt the way they work entirely. Cancer screening is one such activity that was delayed for many months. That, along with many primary care practices moving to virtual care, caused a backlog in early detection screening of breast, cervical, and colorectal cancers.  

But cancer is always a concern. So, a renewed focus on detection is in place. Regular cancer screening is key for people who are eligible, even if they have no symptoms and are generally feeling fine. That way, cancers can be found early, and treatments are more effective.  

Multilingual resources are available to support community outreach. 

A resource toolkit to support health and social service providers connect with their clients about the importance of preventative cancer screening is now available and includes resources in multiple languages. The aim of this toolkit is to provide front-line and community outreach staff access to information on breast, cervical, and colon cancer screening that can be shared with the communities they serve.  


Other supports, including new videos demystifying the screening process and stories from community members on why they choose to get screened are in the works. Stay tuned to the OHT-ÉSO Facebook page for more details to come! 

For any questions or more information, please reach out to

They want to hear from you.

They want to hear from you on your experience with these tools and resources. This will help guide and frame future tools and resources developed to ensure at the end of the day this information serves a purpose.  

They are working with their partners to get in touch with you by email to complete a short survey if you are interested in sharing your feedback. Please reach out to Liam McGuire, Performance Measurement Lead, at for more information.