About Contact North | Contact Nord

Over 4 million Ontarians in 600 small, remote, rural, Indigenous and Francophone communities across the province can participate in online and distance programs and courses, without leaving their community, from Ontario’s:

  • 24 public colleges
  • 22 public universities
  • 9 Aboriginal Institutes
  • 76 district school boards
  • 200 literacy and basic skills training providers
  • 50 skills development training providers

Staff at our online learning centres across the province provide students and prospective students with information on 1000 online programs and 18,000+ courses.

  • Students can attend their classes and study from home, or they can use the web conferencing, videoconferencing and audio conferencing platforms available at each online learning centre.
    • Full technical support and assistance are available from the local staff in each centre.
  • Students have free use of computers with high-speed Internet at local online learning centres to connect to their online courses and complete their course work.
  • Students have a quiet place to complete their course work, link with other students in informal support groups and write supervised exams.
  • There is no cost for students to use the local online learning centres.

Contact North | Contact Nord is funded by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development since 1986.

Tiana Stanley-Grier
Online Learning Recruitment Officer

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Tel: 613-830-4357, ext. 301
Fax: 613-830-4196
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